Don’t live your life by default.

Explore the infinite possibilities,

then watch out for flying fragments of an outgrown life and the barrage of miracles that accompany your willing heart and open mind.



The Power House

162 pages

Transform your life. Become attuned to the Healing Power of Energy and Consciousness!


The Mystical Secrets of Life

Dream Maker
Spanish Version

Quien busca la verdad encuentra la luz y el amor. Quien busca justificar sus creencias antiguas y desgastadas, está condenado a llevar sus cadenas un rato más.


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El Creador de Sueños

Quick Inspiring Version
70 pages

Regardless of what you have been told, YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE, NOW!

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The Dream Maker

- Todd Puntollio

“In the Game of Life, who loves the most — WINS!”

Design your Life. Todd Puntolillo wrote the guide to building the kind of consciousness that will empower you, ARE YOU READY?

This is a place where spirituality, science, philosophy, wisdom, healing and enlightenment merge.

In the writings on this site and the books offered here, you have the opportunity to find real life answers as well  as new perceptions, possibilities and, if you really care enough, Truth.

If you want to discover a new realm of possibility available in the here and now, you've come to the right place to start. Let's talk about energy, consciousness and creating miracles as a way of life. Leave your fears and supposed "sins" behind and step forward into a world where wisdom brings healings and the renewed heart is filled with bliss instead of shame or insecurity.

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